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Spring Hair Trends

Thinking about freshening up your look for the spring? It’s been a long winter- you will feel renewed after a trip to Hair Unique Salon in Norwich CT. We have been watching the up and coming looks for spring 2015. Here are our notable mentions.
1.) The Messy Ponytail- As if you just went for a brisk walk with some wind. Center parts or brushed back to hang loose radiates a healthy image.
2.) Platinum Rocker Looks- rebels have choppy layers, with plenty of volume!
3.) Tomboy hairstyles- For a sleek tough look, side parts are trending strong with men.
4.) Wavy 1970’s long- Attractively casual.
5.) Straight Long Bob-Great for all ages and fashion styles.
If you are ready to try on a new look for warmer months ahead call Hair Unique to discuss how we can integrate a new style this season.